Community Hosts Volunteer program

Are you a student or an international expat interested of entrepreneurship and   have a business idea or a project you would like to develop? Do you want to develop your business network in Gothenburg and be a part of the entrepreneurial community?

Come and learn about Entrepreneurial Hives Community Hosts Volunteer program!

About Entrepreneurial Hive:


Entrepreneurial Hive is coworking space offering a relaxed environment to be productive and collaborate with fellow Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial Hive hosts a creative and diverse group of entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, non-profits, and foundations who are doing amazing work in Gothenburg. Would you like to be part of a community of amazing people that puts ideas into action? 

The Coworkspace:

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Entrepreneurial Hive is a Coworking space located in the Abrahamsonska house of commerce, built in the late 19th century and with a grand view over Harry Hjörnes Plaza. The Abrahamsonska house of commerce was at that time one of the most central buildings in Gothenburg and in accordance with ideals of the renaissance it was located at the plaza where all important streets meet, also called the heart of Gothenburg. Today is the plaza a vivid place and just outside the doors you will find a magnificent variety of restaurants and stores.

Behind renascence walls you will find a Coworking space  with an interesting mix of historcal and modern design. Our space has nine meeting and conference rooms and one large event area/ lounge, 14 fixed workdesks, and 50+ flexible co-working seats. We also have a communal kitchen. In our conference rooms you can have workshops, seminars, coaching, meetings, trainings; and in the lounge you can have everything from kick-offs, company events, and other celebrations. All rooms are carefully furnished and equipped with everything you need to work or have an inspiring event for you and your customers

Entrepreneurial Hive is open to the public from 9:00am-5pm on Monday- Friday, but evening events and memberships that include 24/7 access mean that the building can be buzzing with activity anytime.

Our vision for Entrepreneuiral Hive:

Entrepreneurial Hive is more than an office space, it’s a community of entrepreneurs each bringing their own passion and ideas together under one roof

The opportunity

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By being a community host, you get:

– To work in an inspiring environment surrounded by cool entrepreneurs from the network.

– You’ll be trained in different disciplines regarding entrepreneurship by our team and members of the community (trainings every two weeks).

– Free access to events in our space

– A free flexible membership during your hosting period, so you can work on your own ideas and connect with others “off duty”.

– Experience in working on different projects and getting a closer look in a growing and exciting network.

What does a community host do?

The hosting team is as important as the queen bees in the beehive. Without the host the community can not survive: we connect, inspire and support entrepreneurs to scale up their projects and enterprises in order to create successful companies.

You play a key role in creating a great experience for the members and guests of Entrepreneurial Hive. You are their first point of contact our Coworking space and make sure everyone feel welcome and empowered to make their business a success.

You will be that person everyone in the community knows as the ‘to go to’ person whether it’s online or offline. You will learn to know members who work in different areas and connect them to each other in order to facilitate a vibrant community. You will participate in strategy days and team building activities so we can keep improving our awesomeness!

Your tasks will consist of (and are not limited to): 

– Greet everyone who comes through the door, including members and guests. Direct everyone to appropriate locations throughout the building. Give tours to potential new members and curious folks who wander in.

– Administrative and tech support for members; including receiving and distributing mail, installing printer drivers and troubleshooting printing issues, assisting with projectors and event set-up, etc.

– Answering the Entrepreneurial Hive office phone and getting calls and messages to the appropriate staff member.

– Drive a project of your choice and experiment your skills in an entrepreneurial environment.

– Answering questions from members and guests about the building, neighborhood, Entrepreneurial Hive services, other organizations, etc.

– Building community through member introductions and your special project. Chatting up members in the common areas and facilitating connections between members.

– Understanding member’s businesses and needs and finding potential resources for them within the network.

– Facilitate events

– Be an Entrepreneurial Hive Ambassador and spread the word in external events, After works, etc.

– You’re encouraged to engage in community driven initiatives!

–  Keeping Entrepreneurial Hive clean and well stocked. Entrepreneurial Hive has biweekly janitorial service, but we rely on our members and staff to clean up after themselves in between. This means you will be expected to occasionally take out the trash, empty the dishwasher, clean up spills, make coffee, restock the bathrooms and kitchen, clear off conference tables, etc as needed.

Time Commitment:

As a host, we ask that you commit to either one full day or two half-day shifts per week,(between 8-15) + weekly 3 hour team meeting which includes entrepreneurial training, updates and team building activities.  The volunteer is for minimum of 6 months. Swedish is not required.

What are we looking for?

Students that are excited about Entrepreneurial Hive, our mission, and entrepreneurship in Gothenburg!Social persons that make other people grow and shine. You are are open, self-organizing, independent, solution driven, proactive and hands on. You want find opportunities in every encounter and keep the community in mind. You are natural host that are interested in entrepreneurship and you have a open mind and willing to invest time in growing yourself and our community.

If you’re interested in applying for a host position, please fill out this short form and send a resumé with two professional references to